Product Registration

Please use the form below to warranty register your firearm. If you need to register more than one you will need to submit your information for each firearm.

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6 thoughts on “Product Registration

  1. Under warranty information in your manual, you indicate that the purchaser upon registrations receives an additional three years of warranty coverage for a total of five years. Please confirm.

    1. Hi Leonard, and thanks for your inquiry. Your understanding is correct, but please note that we expect you to register in a timely manner after your purchase; 30 days is what we specify.

  2. How do I register the CM9, Gen 2 pistol?

    1. Thanks for asking. Our registration page has been updated so that you can now register your handgun. Please try again.

  3. Your online form for product warranty registraton does not include any of the Sarsilmaz items.

    1. It does now; please try again.

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