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Be Your Own Coach in Sporting Clays, the Woolley Way

Be Your Own Coach in Sporting Clays, the Woolley Way



Most shooting organizations recognize the difference between an instructor and a coach. An instructor, instructs on how something should be done, a coach on the other hand looks at someone perform and then points out mistakes and gives advice on how to resolve the problem. Many times they will give exercises that will help make the proper process become natural and repeatable.

     This is what “Be Your Own Coach” is all about, John helps  you examine your shooting, identify shortcomings  and ways to correct the problem .  You may recognize some of your weaknesses as John works with a shooter with many faults. John explains his shortcomings and how they will affect his shooting.  John then demonstrates the proper execution and offers exercises that will help you improve your scores and enjoyment.

       John Woolley’s shooting career has been long and distinguished.  It has moved him to become one of the world’s top wingshooters and sporting clays coaches.  Many of today’s winning international shooters have been John’s students.  Whether you’re a beginner or an accomplished shooter, John’s simple “move, mount, shoot” system along with him showing you how to “focus on the target”, will remarkably improve your shooting abilities. 90 minutes

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