In business since 1880, Sarsilmaz operates Europe’s largest firearms factory (540,000 sq ft) filled with state-of-the art American, German and Japanese technology. As a major supplier of NATO military, including U.S. forces, Sarsilmaz products range from revolvers to fully automatic weapons, exceeding NATO military specifications and global law enforcement standards. We are proud to have been selected by Sarsilmaz to present their best-selling handguns in the U.S.A.!

IMPORTANT NOTE: pistols shipped to states with restrictions on magazine capacity will be equipped with magazines that comply with state law.

SHIPPING RESTRICTION: all handguns must be shipped by air service (USPS Express; FedEx: Priority Overnight; Standard Overnight; 2-Day AM; 2-Day; Express Saver). Your order cannot be completed unless you select one of these methods during checkout. Federal law requires that all firearms be transferred through a licensed dealer.


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