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Import Services

Whether you are buying a gun from overseas, retrieving a family heirloom, or importing firearms or ammunition for business purposes, we can help. TR Imports has years of experience in a multitude of countries, handling consignments of single high-end firearms and shipments containing hundreds. We have the expertise to ensure timely approval and worry-free clearance of your personal or commercial firearms and ammunition. To get started, simply download and submit our import application form:

When you have submitted your form, we will acknowledge receipt, and request any further documentation that may be required. (For example, surplus military guns require some additional documentation; guns with only generic model designations, e.g., “SxS or “O&U” may require detailed photos.) In the vast majority of cases, no information other than that requested in our application will be required. We will make application electronically with the BATFE, and keep you apprised of your application’s status. Expect disposition of your application by the BATFE in 4-6 weeks. Important Note: Federal law requires that all firearms imported by licensed importers be engraved with the importer’s name and the city of importation, regardless of the gun’s value. Your gun will be laser engraved precisely at the minimum specified height and depth: 1/16 and .006 inches, respectively.