Cases & Leather

TR Imports offers some of the highest quality cases and bags for pistol, rifle and shotgun.  We have a wide variety of cases and sizes in leather, canvas and cordura. Our line of excellent and unique bags for the field and range consists of some of the toughest pieces of leather hand luggage you’ll ever[…]Read more

Roessler of Austria

Roessler Titans, an exceptionally high-quality line of Austrian-made sporting and Target rifles.  For an overview and to  download our catalogs, please visit our Rifles & Shotguns page.       T R Imports is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Austrian Roessler rifles. Please visit our store to view the Roessler line.

Silver Eagle Shotguns

Long known for our Silver Eagle model SE12 and SE20 dual-piston all-purpose semiautomatics, we have recently expanded the line to include the back-bored SE122 with classic humpback design and beautiful finish, the Sporter for trap, skeet and sporting clays, and the unique SE12 Tactical, an extremely rugged slug/home defense gun with adjustable sights and pistol grip stock. Be sure to check out[…]Read more